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SingAssist is the complete service for anyone looking to buy, sell or rent in Singapore’s tough property market, but are not completely sure of the process and method.

We believe, being armed with the right advice and knowledge about what options are best suited to each individual, the choice becomes more defined and the criteria more identifiable.

Our experienced and qualified consultants will allow you to make a clear and confident buying, selling and renting decision perfectly tailored to your unique circumstances.

SingAssist service is 100% Free & 100% No Obligation

SingAssist for Buying Singaporean Property

Buying a property in landlocked Singapore involves an in-depth understanding of the legal framework and restrictions imposed upon both foreigners and Singaporeans alike. Purchasing in Singapore can require considerable financial resources so careful due diligence is required.

SingAssist will help you in determining:

  • What you can afford;
  • The buying process and your legal obligations;
  • The type of property to fulfill your financial & other objectives;
  • Whether buying is better than renting for you; and
  • Finance assessment including loan pre-approval.

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SingAssist for Owners of Singaporean Property

This service allows Singapore property owners to sell or rent out their property conveniently and confidently. Enjoy a free appraisal on the current market value & rental values of your existing properties.

As a landlord you will:

  • Enjoy complementary advice on property management;
  • Understand the contractual obligations for selling and leasing their properties;
  • Achieve a good understanding of the current state of the market; and
  • Leverage on our networks to market your property for the best possible price.

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