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Here is a quick summary of the some of new updates to the site. We are keeping very busy behind the scenes to keep you informed.

  • The State Snapshots have been updated to include the June 2010 figures released by the Real Estate Institute of Australia, showing property price movements to June 2010.
  • In June 2010, we proudly welcomed the 8,000th person to sign in as a member of aussieproperty.com since we launched the site in August 2005.
  • Find the complete summary from our 2009 world seminar tour "Down Under Comes Up Tops" in our Special Reports Section. This is a comprehensive review of the factors influencing the Australian property market and a look at which direction it may take.
  • We have now included our series of Videos on to the site including a Welcome Message from the home page and a Aussie Property Media Page accessible for members that includes the latest Property Market Update Seminar as well as important video presentations on Tax & Finance issues.
  • We have announced our new Aussie Assist program that can provide valuable support service to you in understanding and finding a suitable Australian property, with our worldwide team available to provide personal service and help you find your piece of Australia.
  • We welcome our new member RUN Property, a specialised Property Management service to help you make sure your property investment is trouble free and the most efficient. To find out more visit our Property Management Page
  • We have added a special Foreign Exchange page with live Daily news feeds to keep you informed.
  • View our new Video series "Australian Common Sense" for a quick snapshot of issues affecting you as a property investor or migrant.
  • Recent enhancements to the website have now made it Apple Mac compliant and improved the speed and performance of the site.
  • You will find our Store now open and available to purchase reference books and material on relevant issues.
  • The site has now been updated to be compliant with Internet Explorer 7
  • We now display our past Newsletters on the site for reference. We have also made significant changes to our back end email system to ensure more efficient delivery of the newsletter and other communications.
  • You can now signup to just receive our newsletter if you do not wish to sign up as a full member.
  • We are pleased to have uploaded our new design feel and additional features for your benefit including:
    • Members can now edit thier profiles and information,
    • Improved navigation and design features,
    • Enhanced Property Search features,
    • Improved News Room.
  • A new Special Reports update on Understanding Australian Property Cycles has been uploaded.
  • We have added a Market Comment in the State Snapshots to provide a helpful commentary to assist you understand the statistics available.
  • You will now find the average annual growth statistics for each state over the past 1, 5, 10 & 15 years in the State Snapshots.
  • We have added our new Section Financial Planning Issues to help you understand the often confusing options available to you when considering investment.
  • The Property Investors Tool Box now includes a Property Growth Calculator and Stamp Duty Calculator to complement our other tools which include our unique Property Tax Estimator & Foreign Currency Loan Assessor. The Stamp Duty Calculator also includes a detailed analysis of all First Home Buyer incentives available to expats returning and arriving migrants if they intend to live in the house soon after purchase.
  • We have enhanced the search facilities of our Property Search and Listings section, to include a sorting function, and allow for easier navigation of the quality projects from all around Australia at a variety of budgets.
  • Our News & Articles section is now operational for you to find articles of interest that affect you as an Australian property investor, expatriate or intended migrant to Australia.
  • Our Experts Profile Area providing more information on the services and history of our Property & Service Experts is now fully functional.
  • We have added a Frequently Asked Questions section and shall continue to expand it.

Keep coming back for more exciting updates and quality information, freely available to our members.

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